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10 Great Flying Tips Ryanair

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1. Some days are better than others!

Some people don't have the luxury of been able to book well in advance for cheaper flights...however some days are better than others. Thursday is internationally know as pay day, so try before then! Sunday is probably the one time travellers get a chance to plan might be better to be one step ahead of them and book early Sunday morning!!!


2. Upfront Seats

    When booking your flight, its not really necessary to book a seat.If you do however have a preference to sit up front without the extra cost, wait till the last min to check-in, you could get a seat up front by default without the extra cost.

3. Frequent Flyer Gate Dept

Generally speaking, Ryanair dept from designated gate to certain destinations.... you will notice this as you fly on regular routes. Don't stress on time if this is the case because you pretty much know the gate to go to beforehand.(Always double check...this is a general tip)

4. Quick Turn Around

  Sit down and relax when you are at the need to be waiting in the Q.Wait till the last person clears, chances are the crowd could be left outside in the rain or hallway for several minutes..... (Ryanair flights are like a bus service, you more often than not need to wait for the previous passengers to get off!!)

5. Regulation size carry on

Like myself a frequent flyer, I go compact! Instead of puting my regulation size case above me in the plane I quite like it closer and put it under the seat! The space under the the seat in front of you is approx the same regulation size carry on....

6. Plug and Play

Recently Ryanair have relaxed the ruling on tablets at take off, chances are you could plug in and start entertaining yourself.(Some airlines are currently campaigning for phones to be allowed and this may be the reason your phone signal is still strong even flying up 10-20 thousand feet-don't be tempted to make that last take-off call!!!!)

7. Off load your carry on luggage asap

In case you do get stuck sitting at the rear of the plane, it's a good idea to ask the attendant in advance if there will be an exit at the rear when landing...if not leave your bag in the cabin space at front.

8. Fancy a front seat without paying?

It may be cheeky,but I always try to sit up front to escape early off the plane. If you are the last to get on without booking a seat,give it a go....(esp if the plane is running late)

9. When you Land have your boarding card In Hand!

When the plane lands, once you step outside, there may be a couple of buses waiting to take you to the terminal.Not only should you make for the shuttle in front but make for the front of the bus...guaranteed to depart first ! (When disembarking first-have your boarding card ready(some airports) to show the security personnel at the terminal entrance!)

10. Ryanair App!

Ryanair now have a very easy and convenient App to check-in.. Download the app in seconds and save precious minutes. No need for paperwork-the boarding pass is now on your phone. 

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