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Hi and welcome to Irish Adventure Holidays.The team have put together some fantastic adventure and active tours around Ireland.You can now stop searching and organising and save money.We have networked with all the best providers in Ireland to get the best deals in transport,accommodation and adventure/activity.
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Exprerience:Surfing,Kiteboarding Mountain Boarding Power Boating Rock Climbing Surfing Scuba Diving Extreme Biking and more.. Together as a team, Irish Adventure Holidays have the technical resourses and facilities with regard to relevant skills, experience and reliability to deliver a full and detailed professional service.We have it covered keeping up to date with what's happening on the Irish Adventure Scene.....

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Friday, February 19, 2010

2010 Round Ireland Powerboat Racing...

On Sunday June 5th 2010, over 75 world-class powerboats will leave Galway Bay in pursuit of the Around Ireland Offshore title.
The race will circumnavigate the entire coast of Ireland and will be the toughest endurance powerboat race on the International circuit.
The 2010 Around Ireland Offshore Powerboat Race will be an International event with competitors coming from all over the world. The 6 days of Racing will be a true test of man and machine. There will be 5 stages:

  • Galway to Killybegs
  • Killybegs to Bangor
  • Bangor to Waterford
  • Waterfors to Fenit
  • Fenit to Galway
  • 10:15 am gmt          Comments

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