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Adventure Sea Kayaking Gallery

Irish Adventure Kayak Trip

Another Adventastic Trip!!!!!

A recent trip out to  Sea..on a Kayak.

Weather: Calm:Light wind:Sunny

Group kitted up at 13:00 
Instruction at 13:30
Headed for the shore at 13:35
Arrival at shore at 13:45
Instruction at 13:50
Set off around the cliffs at 14:00

First practiced with Kayak around rocky inlet...

Next stop...the caves.

The group made some adventurous moves around the rocks in/under the coastal landscape.Spectacular area to Kayak..

Amazing historic coastline.

The more adventurous types set out to hop off the rocks for a splash...

Arrived at beach for swim/snack at 15:30

Return along rock face with instructors knowledge of area.

Manoeuvres through the rapids..some challenging some easy peasy...!!! You get to choose your competence level.
Arrived back at the shoreline at 16:30.Sweet! Just in time to shower then out for some grub and bevies... 

AdventureKayakTrip/JumpW_kayak_bkHol.jpg AdventureKayakTrip/SeaW_kayak_bkHol.jpg AdventureKayakTrip/SplashW_kayak_bkHol.jpg AdventureKayakTrip/SwimW_kayak_bkHol.jpg
AdventureKayakTrip/ExploreW_kayak_bkHol.jpg AdventureKayakTrip/CoastlineW_kayak_bkHol.jpg AdventureKayakTrip/ChillW_kayak_bkHol.jpg AdventureKayakTrip/CavesW_kayak_bkHol.jpg
AdventureKayakTrip/CavesW5_kayak_bkHol.jpg AdventureKayakTrip/CavesW2_kayak_bkHol.jpg AdventureKayakTrip/CavesW4_kayak_bkHol.jpg AdventureKayakTrip/CavesW3_kayak_bkHol.jpg
AdventureKayakTrip/CavesW1_kayak_bkHol.jpg AdventureKayakTrip/ArchW_kayak_bkHol.jpg

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