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Delegates Arrive For World Adventure Summit Killarney Ireland 2014

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Wow!It's a monstrous collection of adventurers in one room... Adventure Summit gets off to a splash.It's proving already to be a great success.
As a sell out event you can only imagine the energy in Killarney this week... Many adventure tourism and trade enthusiasts are biting at the chomp for the latest in Adventure stats along with the destination offerings that Ireland is offering like events,festivals and above all outdoor and adventure activities!
Over 150 of the delegates, international tour operators and media, already have had adventure experiences around Ireland and some 500 delegates 3 Day of Adventure tours. So far the response has been overwhelming and they are blogging,tweeting and sharing about the trips...with pictures and funny stories.Part of the event is focused on Product Development and Innovation and Failte Ireland are, while excited, more than  prepared to present Ireland as an Adventure Tourism Destination..Delegates like Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico have travelled from far and wide while Ireland are now an official sponsor of the ATTA.We wish all delegates a wonderful stay..and hope they enjoy it enough to return...In the meantime they are eager to create many new friends and business relationships.
The delegates are promised a live link up to Shannon Stowell, President of the ATTA, in the USA. The big announcement is that Chile has been selected to host the 2015 Adventure Travel World Summit!!!!

More info or inquiries can be found at or Email to seek more specifics on upcoming Irish Adventure News and stats.


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