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10 Ways To Check If You DON'T Have The Right Personal Trainer

1. .....doesn’t look the part, then they probably aren’t a good trainer.

2. .......tells you after your first session that they see major differences, chances are they are patronizing you and probably want you to think that they are miracle workers.

3. ..... arrives late and cuts the session short.

4. more concerned with how he or she looks than actually watching you and your form.

5....... regales you with intimate details of their hot date from the nite before.

7. telling you how tired they are, how their life sucks, or that they could barely get their “_ss” in gear.

6. clock watching.

8. ....sessions with your trainer is the same every time you get together, then there is something wrong.

9. .... doesn't take the time to understand what motivates you, your goals, your concerns, and your eating habits, then they aren’t doing their job. 

10. ....after a few weeks you aren’t seeing any results, it is a clue that you are wasting your money .

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