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Galway Bike Scheme Officially Launched




Well, the day has come. Officially Galway is now up and running with the bike scheme with approx. 19 locations and 395 bikes…


What do we know so far?


The scheme is already in Dublin since 2009 and providing a successful bike share amongst the city dwellers. Further schemes are planned before the end of the year incl. Limerick and Cork. There is 5.1m funding in this project and the sponsor Coca-Cola  contributes up to 3m over 5 years. Galway is currently ironing out the finishing locations for the bike stations which will be situated within the city.


What's the idea?


The aim of this scheme is to provide a seamless bike rental for a nominal fee to tourists and locals incl commuters to get from A to B environmentally at the same time encouraging people to travel in a healthy, safe and aesthetic manner.


Is it 24hr?

At the moment the scheme is not 24hr.The Bike service is available all year 7 days a week, from 5am to 12.30am, though a bike can be returned to available stands at any time of the day.


How does it work?

 Step by Step Guide.

  1. Plan you journey by getting familiar with local bike stations in your city. Establish your start station and finish point whether it's another station or the same one.
  2. Make sure you have subscribed to your local council.(see below for pricing)
  3. Get familiar with bike and notice the bike stand to enter your details.
  4. Enter your *pin code which you receive once you register as a member(subscribe). Log in with either your Subscriber Access number from your 3-Day Pass, or present your Membership Card or Leap Card, if linked to your account, to the card reader on the terminal.(see below for pricing)
  5. You are then given the code for the combination lock provided on the Bike, if you need to use it.
  6. The Bike can then be removed from the stand, by pressing the button on the chosen stand. You have 60 seconds to press the button, then 5 seconds to remove the Bike, before the stand automatically locks again. But don't worry, if you miss it at first, you can repeat the process again.
  7. Then please check the Bike over, make sure it is working fine, adjust the saddle to your height.
  8. Once you have reached your destination, Push the Bike back into an available stand. An audio beep is emitted and the lights on the bike stand flash momentarily before a continuous green light is displayed. This confirms that the bike has been replaced correctly and the hire has been terminated. If there is a problem, either try to reposition the bike or try another stand.


*Any problems with pins or issues returning the bike contact  0818 44 44 70 44 



Where are Galway City's Proposed Locations?


Infrastructure: 18 locations; 395 bikes;395 bike stands


The proposed Galway city location of the docking stations are as follows:


  1. University Road (UHG end )
  2. Nuns Island (beside the Equality Statue )
  3. Cathedral carpark (southern end )
  4. Woodquay
  5. Dyke Road carpark
  6. Newtownsmith
  7.  Eyre Square (north )
  8. Eyre Square (south )
  9. County Hall
  10. City Hall
  11. Ceannt Station (at the taxi rank )
  12. Forster Street
  13. Merchants Road
  14. New Dock Street
  15. St Augustine’s Street
  16. Spanish Parade
  17. Raven Terrace
  18. Fr Griffin Road (beside GTI )

Annual Subscription

A Bike Annual Subscription Card is currently 5 Euro for early subscribers-raising to 10 Euro per year from Jan 1st 2015 plus a 150 Euro guarantee against the securely stored payment card.

The first 30-minutes of each hire is at no charge, for longer hires a charge applies.

3-Day Pass

For occasional short-term use or by visitors to the City, there is a convenient 3-Day Subscription option available which can only be bought using a valid payment card at any of the Bike terminals.

Just follow the instructions to purchase the 3-Day Subscription. The Subscriber details can either be given to you in a text message  to your phone or on a printed ticket at the terminal. These details, along with a PIN code you create during the process, are needed during the 3-day period for you to hire a Bike.

Subscription Fee

Annual Subscription per City.

Plus a €150 guarantee against the securely stored payment card


3-Day Pass

Security Deposit of €150 is required


* €5 early annual subscription available up to January 2015.

Pay As You Go Charges

First ½ hour

No Charge

Up to 1 hour


Up to 2 hours


Up to 3 hours


Up to 4 hours


Every extra ½ hour




*Any problems with pins or issues returning the bike contact  0818 44 44 70 44



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