Environmental Issues

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Current Awareness In Climate Change

As an operator/activity provider, one most significant environmental impact we have is the burning of fossil fuel (diesel oil) in our transport fleet. This results in direct emissions to the atmosphere that can impact on local air quality and contribute to global environmental issues such as climate change.

Some of the steps we are taking to reduce this impact include:

  • Only use vehicles when necessary
  • Time manage excursions - fit in as many tasks on the day we choose to use a vehicle
  • Regularly service vehicles
  • Use vehicles suitable for the amount of passengers you intend to carry i.e car,MPV,minibus or coach.

Another area where we make consious decisions regarding the environment is recycling.We make the following efforts to:

  • Recycle paper
  • Reduce the amount of paper printing - print only when necessary
  • Email as an alternative to posting invoices,letters bills etc..

Energy conservation efforts:

  • Forced air as an alternative to Air conditioning - when allowable
  • Regularly check insulation buildings/offices
  • Energy saving lighting - where allowable

Future Investigation In Climate Change

As a business,we are encouraged to reduce costs which is a by product of our daily usage of energy and waste matter.We are currently researching ways to reduce the amount of energy and waste and further develop ways to reduce the amount of polution in the environment.
  • Investing in wind generated energy
  • Re-using our paper waste
  • Re-inslulate using far more superior materials/environmentally friendly
  • Using more fuel efficient vehicles/more environmentally friendly


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